At Mediastruction, we are architects of world-class media and measurement solutions.
Our Media Designers blueprint custom plans – holistic visions calculated with meticulous measurement and calibrated with human insight.
About Brooklyn

Fully Cross-Channel Media Offering

We believe that media should be planned holistically, and are proud to have built a team of cross-channel media planners and buyers that equally understand Traditional and Digital.

About Brooklyn

State-of-the-Art Analytics

We are not simply a media buying agency with add-on analytics. Many clients seek us out and choose us for our analytics. The sophistication of our toolkit and staff are second to none.

Strong Client Relationships

We consistently drive strong, positive impact to our clients’ businesses, across a multitude of objective types and industry verticals. Our average client retention rate is over 5 years.

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We’re happy to share our resources and our thought leadership with both current and prospective clients.

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