Things to Know In Media This Week – May 29, 2023

Meta’s $1.3B Fine Could Affect EU Advertising

The advertising industry is full of paradox. Perhaps the most profound paradox recently is consumer growing reliance on internet-based customization, while increasing demand for privacy. We want our social media, yet we want anonymity.

This week the EU fined Meta (Facebook, specifically) $1.3 billion for transferring data from European Union users to the US. This is probably the most serious fine since the EU voted in GDPR. The crux of the cross-continent contention is the fact that US spy agencies can legally access data coming into the US. This is seen as a violation of EU privacy. Of course Meta will contest the fine, amidst cross-continential, ongoing data-movement regulation shifts. Meta’s position is that without the ability to transfer data across borders, the internet will become geographically silo’d, which isn’t very fun for users. But it’s also not very fun for advertisers hoping to behaviorally target users in the EU.

TikTok Ban Has Begun

Go west young man, but not if you wanna watch TikTok videos. Montana became the first state to completely ban TikTok, effective Jan. 1. TikTok and app stores, which will be banned from allowing TikTok app downloads, would be liable for $10,000 a day for violating the law. Of course, First Amendment hawks are already planning suit. The law is toothless for TikTok users. There are already other institutions with bans in place, e.g. a ton of colleges around the US. There are 150 million TikTok users in the US. Brands and agencies investing in TikTok are developing work-around POVs.

Top Takeaways from Google Marketing Live

Check out this YouTube of Google Marketing Live. “We’re committed to driving a future ads experience that is not only AI-powered, but privacy first,” says Google. Aaannddd – we’re back to the media paradox because AI needs data to be predictive and personalized – and where’s that gonna come from? In any case, there are some good nuggets in this quick 5-minute video, including how Google search builds will be language based and AI tools will easily edit image creative assets. These type improvements are going to make things sooo much easier for your digital team.